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BankID online identification solution

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Introducing Bank Identity

Bank Identity is an universal solution for authentication and identification in the on-line environment. It is quick and secure for you and your customers.

Your customers does not have to do anything special to enable Bank Identity - they will simply use the credentials they already know and have.

You can find more information about BankID at


Log-in with BankID

Your customers will not have to remember additional passwords

Know Your Customer

You will know exactly with whom you are making business

Have better UX for your customers

You can use BankID to prefill forms and speed up verification process

Obtain verified information

You will not have to use additional services for information verification. Banks already done it.

Be compliant with AML

There are no additional steps required to be compliant with the AML regulation. You will get all the data required for AML identification.

Have data always up-to-date

Banks are connected to basic registers, which means you always have up-to-date information. We will notify you if client will change his/her personal data. Your data will be up to date.

Sign contracts

Signatures with Bank Identity have the same legal validity as the ones made by hand. Signing with BankID cannot be easier. Finally digital signing for everyone.

BankID for banks

Join BankID and enable digital experience with bank identity and be part of this important project in digitalization.

Contact us for more information about BankID for banks

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How to begin

Developer friendly portal

BankID is easy to use and integrate. This developer portal will enable you to quickly try out, develop and later test your integration. You can do so alone or with the help of your colleagues.

  • High quality documentation
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Use the contact form if you wish to ask BankID a question, report an issue or wish to offer suggestions for improvement.

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