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    First before any production keys can be generated, you need to register your developer account. Do so in the upper right corner

  2. Go through technical documentation

    We have prepared complete technical documentation that will help you understand how to integrate Bank iD into your application. You can find additional tips and answers in the FAQs section

  3. Invite your colleagues

    Developing applications is great, however it can be even greater when done with like minded people. Invite your colleagues and collaborators into your application when it is created.

    You can specify access permissions for each person you invite.

  4. Let's play with Sandbox

    You can try out Bank iD without hassle or obligation in the Sandbox environment. Sandbox can be setup in just a few minutes so you can explore Bank iD as soon as possible

  5. Get to production

    Follow the steps outlined in the documentation to get your app to production.

Introducing Bank Identity

Bank Identity is an universal solution for authentication/identification and authorization in the on-line environment. It is quick and secure for you and your customers.

Your customers does not have to do anything special to enable Bank Identity - they will simply use the credentials they already know and have.

You can find more information about Bank iD at

Bank iD use cases:

  • Login

    No more registration and no need to remember more information.

  • User authentication

    You will know exactly who you are dealing with.

  • Improve the UX of your customers

    You can use Bank iD to pre-fill forms.

  • Obtaining verified data

    You will not have to verify information from other sources, the banks have already done it for you.

  • User identification according to the AML Act.

    You will get all the data needed for identification according to the AML Act.

  • Update data

    We will let you know when the client changes their personal data. So you'll be always up-to-date.

  • Electronic signing

    Electronic signature that everyone is guaranteed to be able to use.

Participating banks

AirBankČeská SpořitelnaCrediasČSOBFio bankaKomerční bankamBankMonetaRaiffeisen bankUniCredit

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